Sunday in the Shed 

We throw parties for all sorts of events. Football games, holidays, game nights. You name it there is an idea on Pinterest ready to be recreated right in your home. But what about having a party for Jesus? This is where Sunday in the Shed comes in. Sunday in the Shed was created as a way for you to bring your friends to church without going to church. I like to think of it as a more relaxed way to add Jesus into your everyday conversations. Sunday in the Shed opens the door to invite Him into your friend group. 

I call it Sunday in the Shed because we host this event in our backyard in our "shed". Which is basically a man cave that we turn into church every couple of weeks. What works for us is to have our friends, their friends, whoever wants to join over on a Sunday afternoon. We serve dinner, have great conversations, and watch a church service online. Sometimes its from my church and other times the message is from somewhere else. No matter where it comes from the purpose is still the same - having a party for God. 

So, if you want to host your own Sunday in the Shed, below are some of my favorite messages. Sunday in the Shed is something you can host monthly, weekly, or just one time. The point is to help you grow in your relationship with God while being a guiding light for others. Isn't that the whole point of being a Christian anyway? Spreading the news of the love of God. "As I have loved you. Love one another." - John 13:34

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Fix Your Focus

This message comes from Elevation Church located in Charlotte, North Carolina. It is from the relationship driven series, The Other Half. While the entire series is one I recommend watching FOR SURE, this one is my favorite. It focuses more on how we need to view ourselves in a relationship with anyone. Not just the romantic kind. 

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Why? Lisa Harper

This message comes from the series of Why? by Cross Point Church. I am sharing this message because Lisa Harper is one of my all time favorite people to hear speak. She is hilarious and enlightening all at once. I love this message because it serves as a reminder of why we love in His name. 

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Unwavering Faithfulness

This message comes from Cross Point Church located in Nashville, Tennessee. Unwavering Faithfulness is part of the OMG - The God I Wish You Knew series. One of my favorites from this past year. This particular message holds a special spot in my heart because it was part of the fist ever Sunday in the Shed. Unwavering Faithfulness tells us of how people will fail us, the church will fail us and organizations will faith us; but God never will. 

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I Am Unashamed About What I Love And What I Care About 

The Wonderlife Series. One of my all time favorites from Cross Point Church in Nashville, Tennessee. The series stems from the Wonderlife workbook which is "a not-so-perfect guide to who you are and why you're here." This particular message is focused more on the "why am I here" and how we are all equipped with a passion that God has placed on our hearts. 

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