Photography by  Madi Flournoy Henderson  || Dress:  VICI

Photography by Madi Flournoy Henderson || Dress: VICI

Anyone else struggling with the fact that the calendar says fall but the heat says SUMMER? Well, I am. All I want to do is throw on a cozy sweater, sit by a fire, and take in the leaves falling from the trees. But since the highs are still in the 90s, I don’t see any fire-sitting happening anytime soon. This heat is really interrupting my “fall feelings.” Thankfully, this dress from VICI screams fall BUT can still handle the heat. And isn’t the pink color just so pretty?!
Speaking of interruptions, that topic has been on my mind a LOT this past week. As a teacher, I get interrupted at least a hundred times a day by the eager thoughts of little children. But even when I am not teaching, I still get interrupted. We all do! How often do you find yourself focusing on something at work when suddenly a co-worker barges in and totally makes you lose your train of thought? Or, you hit traffic, which completely interrupts your schedule and ability to make it to that important meeting on time? 

Interruptions not only seem to get in the way of our daily tasks, they also seem to prevent us from accomplishing our goals. Yes, interruptions only add to the stress that already comes with being busy. But, are we too busy to hear what God might be trying to tell us?
Lysa TerKeurst once told me (okay, she didn’t actually tell me personally, but I promise she was looking right at me when she said this), “When we run at a break-neck pace trying to achieve, God is sitting there saying, ‘I simply want you to slow down and receive.’” The world today is constantly telling us where we need be at every step, age, job, or place; but, WE need to get better at listening to where God is telling us to be. We need to “trust the Lord with our pace and our place.” (Yes, Lysa told me that, too). 

Instead of looking at these interruptions as inconveniences, maybe we should look at them as opportunities… A chance to see a lesson we might be missing because the deadline is fast approaching. Holly Furtick says that “some of life’s greatest invitations come packaged as interruptions.”
So, today when you get interrupted (because you will), see if it is actually an invitation from God. It could be something small, but it could also be something REALLY big that He wants you to see. 

"With God's power working in us, he can do much, much more than anything we can ask or think of" - Ephesians 3:20