Running Forward

Photography by Madi Flournoy Henderson 

Outfit: Lululemon || Shoes are old,  similar styles here & here

Can I just tell you how pumped I was to have recently had the opportunity to work with lululemon?! I am #obsessed with all things lulu, so the fact that I got to shoot some of their amazing clothes was like a dream come true. These Inspire Tight II pants are super comfortable, and I love the mesh detail. And how adorable is this workout top? It’s perfect for a trip to the gym or grocery store (because we all know that lululemon isn’t just for working out!).
In this new chapter of life, I am not doing much running. If I am being completely honest, I am thrilled about it. Since I wasn’t a “true runner” before I got pregnant, it isn’t wise for me to run now. I really hate running. Like. Hate it. It was just something I did because I knew it was good for me. So, I am fine with this non-running stage of life. Give me an elliptical all-day, and I’ll be one happy girl. Well, maybe for like 30 minutes, not actually all-day. 

But I am still running in other areas of my life. I think it is something we all tend to do in our relationship with Christ from time to time. And I realized the other day that I was running from Him when it came to learning more about Him.
I go through stages where I am 100% committed to learning all I can about Jesus by indulging in books, sermons, podcasts, and anything else to help me grow in my walk with Him. But I haven’t been in that stage in a long time. Rather, I am in a stage of knowing He is there but not taking the time to KNOW Him more. And to find that I’m in that stage has taken a while, even though I’ve known deep down what is causing the separation.
Sometimes we start to run from something and it isn’t until we are miles away that we recognize that we are lost. Sometimes, it is one small moment that pulls us back to reality, while other times it takes a lot of small moments (or even one big one) to turn us back around. I want you to know that it’s okay. God isn’t going anywhere, and He will patiently wait for you to turn back towards His grace and love. And that in itself should make the jog back a little easier. Right?
Now that I am aware of what will happen, it is easy for me to say that I need to turn around. But I know it’s going to be hard to get back into my routine of learning and growing my relationship with Him. It’s mostly because I am still not healed from what was causing the distance in the first place. I know that once I start the journey back, I will also start the healing process. It will be more like a marathon, or possibly a triathlon, to get back to where I want to be. But I know that God has paved the way for it to happen. And I can’t wait to cross the finish line. 

"Be sure of this; I am with you always, even to the end of age." - Matthew 28:20