Connecting Hearts

Photography by   Madi Flournoy Henderson   || Top:  Hadley Rae     Boutique

One of the things that I love about the Hadley Rae Boutique is that it was first put on my radar by my dear friend, Katie. Years ago, when Hadley Rae was first starting out, Katie used to take pictures for her website. So, when I recently collaborated with Hadley Rae, I thought it would be fun to bring Katie in for the shoot. Plus, it’s always more fun to take pictures with your best friend. 

I get a lot of joy from learning and connecting with other people. I love to sit, talk, and take in their thoughts and stories. Like I’ve said before, it is when I am with people that I feel closest to Jesus. One of the best parts of starting this blog has been all the amazing people I’ve interacted with along the way. While making these connections has (and continues to be) important for my blog, it is more important for my heart. 

When we connect with those around us, we also connect with Jesus… And not just in our own heart, but in their heart, too. We are given the opportunity to show the deep connection He has with us when we grow with others. In fact, getting the chance to witness another person’s journey with Him is a blessing in and of itself. It’s a connection made with Jesus. 

As the last year of my 20s begins today, I am eager to connect with the people Jesus will send my way.  Whether these connections are brand new or ones I’ve known for years, I am certain to learn valuable lessons from each of them. And no matter the type of connection, I will always be thankful for the fact that I am continually growing a little closer to Him. 

So, when you meet someone new today or hear from an old friend, I hope you will see the connection you are making with God in that moment. 

As I have loved you. Love one another. - John 13:34