Love Your Life, Not Theirs

A couple weeks ago, I celebrated my friend, Rachel Cruze, and the launch of her new book, Love Your Life, Not Theirs. We brunched at Josephine’s in my favorite 12 South neighborhood, sipped champagne, and indulged in some unbelievable food. It was so encouraging to be around a group of strong, hardworking women, who all came together to cheer-on Rachel in her newest adventure. At the end of the event, we were given this adorable sweatshirt from Friendly Southern. It is the softest sweatshirt, and the phrase couldn’t be more on point.
I love a good friendly southern talk. Give me a “bless your heart” and an “isn’t that darling” conversation any day. What I don’t love is feeling like I need to be as good as—or even better than—my sweet southern neighbor. It’s not just in the south, however. People everywhere are quick to lay on the pressure. And I’m not just talking about people on TV. It’s also our peers, our neighbors, and even the complete strangers we see on Instagram. It is EASY to fall into the “I don’t have it, I need it, because she has it” trap of life. Once you start down that rabbit hole, it is tough to find your way out.

In this blogging “side hustle” I’ve recently chosen for myself, I have to actively tell my brain to stop comparing my “blogger status” to others. I have to go as far as uttering the words, “Don’t worry, you are right where you should be.” I don’t want to be someone who compares myself with others, I want to be someone who celebrates others!
With that said, comparisons are part of life. We are all going to do it. But when these comparisons start to affect the way we handle our finances, we have a problem. This is where Rachel comes in. I love how she focuses on the fact that we all feel that “need to have” pressure and that it is not easy to ignore. In order to have the life you want someday, you have to take care of yourself today. Rachel does a fabulous job of not only giving you those tools, but also “telling you like it is.” In her book she writes, “When you get caught up in social media comparisons, you’re comparing yourself to make-believe. And when you compare yourself to make-believe your life will never feel good enough.” {insert mic drop here}
This book encouraged me to take a step back and really examine the way I am living my life. It helps you recognize not only the importance of having goals, but also the importance of taking the correct steps to achieve those goals. These steps might not seem like the fastest route, but they are the safest way to love the life that God has specifically designed for you.