Free to Go

When we focus too much on what we are wanting to hear we can miss what God is actually trying to say (3).jpg

The other day Jane Taylor was walking around the playroom with a pink blanket. She kept putting it over head, pretending to hide, and thinking it was wildly funny whenever she reappeared from under it’s cover. Like any fearless child, she took the game to a new level by putting the blanket over her head and instead of just sitting there, she began to walk. She did this over and over again, allowing herself to move blindly around the room without a worry of if she would bump into anything, or trip over something. She just went – trusting that I was there to guide her and move her along the way. Which, OF COURSE, I did. Her only job was to laugh.  

While she was walking around with no view of what was in front of her I found myself saying “I wish I could do that.” I wish I could walk forward not worrying about what I might run into up ahead. I wish I could do it with laughter instead of with fear. I wish I was as confident in the fact that someone is watching over me the same way I was watching over Jane Taylor in that particular moment.  

The thing is God calls us to do this very act every single day. He is always asking us to move forward, without being able to see what comes next. Not only is He asking us to move, He is asking us to trust Him along the way. To know that if we fall down, He will pick us back up. If we get hurt, He will heal our wounds. If something blocks our path, He will redirect us to another one. He wants us to take steps blindly, full of trust, in the direction He is calling us to go.

 In the book of Genesis, Noah is asked by God to grab his family, some animals, and to hop on an ark. Just get on an ark, float around for a while, and one day you will send out a bird, it wont return, then you can get off. Sounds pretty simple. Right? But what do you think Noah thought during that time? Do you think he had moments of fear? Do you think he ever worried when a week went by, it was still raining and they were still floating along? Or did he have so much faith and trust in God’s plan that he was able to sit back and not worry with each day that passed where he was surrounded by water?


My word for 2019 is trust. I want to be able to put my full trust in God and His plan for me. It is something I know I should do – but being a person who likes to be in control I’ve had a real hard time handing that job completely over to Him. Especially when God’s plan and mine don’t match up. He has never failed me and I know that He won’t. Knowing it, and believing it are two very different things.

My prayer is that we will all be able to walk confidently through each day knowing that the Lord is in control. That even the messy parts of His plan for us are perfect. That through the good and the bad He is shaping us to help be a light in His kingdom. That we are free to go forward, blanket over our head and all, because He will always guide us along.

“Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.” - Psalms 20:7 ESV