Two Is Better Than One

Adam's Look - Pants: AG || Shirt: Bonobos  || Shoes: 1901

My Look - Top: Devlin || Jeans: Pea in a Pod || Suggested non-maternity jeans: Paige || Shoes: Toms

Today is the most special day in my life. Why? Because today is my sweet husband’s birthday. And without this day, I wouldn’t have my best friend to celebrate. I wouldn’t have someone to laugh with, love with, do life with if it weren’t for today. So today is the most special day. The day I thank God for everyday.

So today, I celebrate not only the fact that Adam is getting another year older. But the fact that he is the most caring, supportive, loving husband. He makes me laugh, sometimes makes me cry, and is always there to make it all better. His hard work does not go unnoticed. And I know he will be the greatest dad to our little girl. Happy Birthday Adam. 

I wrote last week about how God puts people in our life for a reason. To walk with on the journey of our faith. He doesn’t want us to do this alone. He sends us siblings, friendships, coworkers, and even strangers to show the love He has for us. But every once in a while He sends that one special person that is going to be the closest example of His unwavering love. A love that resembles commitment, support, forgiveness, and trust. While it will never be as strong as the love Jesus has for us, it comes extremely close.

This kind of love doesn’t always come in a spouse. It can come in many different forms, through many different seasons of life. But it is a love to be cherished. A love to be thankful for. In the Bible, He writes in Ecclesiastes how “two is better than one, for if they fall, one will lift up the other (4:9).” And again in Proverbs saying “as iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend (27:17).”

God wants us to find this love. 

Dressing Room Try-on Session

So I found myself back at the mall, much earlier than I had planned to be. But who is mad to go to the mall? Not I! My friend, Lauren, who is also 8 months pregnant (our babies due date is 10 days apart and I LOVE it) suggested we walk the mall today. Which we will probably be doing more often because it is hot and we are feeling even hotter. Plus having a decent bathroom near by on your walk is essential for two pregnant women. 

After our walk I went to try on some things from the sale to get a better idea of how they would fit. It is hard since by the time I can wear all of this my bump will be gone but I tried to just buy everything true to my pre baby size. I was even able to fit into some jeans (of course they did not button) that I will wear after baby. Can I just tell you how happy this pregnant girl was that my thighs fit into them. Like biggest celebration in the dressing room yet. Below are some of my favorites. To shop each item you can click on the links below the picture or shop all the items I tried on at the end of this post. 

Top: Hinge || Jeans: rag & bone || Shoes I would pair: Hinge

I loved this top from Hinge. It didn't quite fit the bump all that well but will be so cute after baby. These jeans from rag & bone are favorite of mine.

Top: B.P || Jeans: Already sold out :( Similar pair: BLANKNYC || Shoes to pair: TOMS

This top is $18. Nuff said. I'll be wearing this all fall long. 

Dress: Leith || Cardigan: B.P. || Shoes I would pair: Vince Camuto

Loved this dress. It looked adorable with the bump and will be cute after. It is tighter than I would normally wear so I will probably always pair it with some sort of cardigan. And this one is currently $31. 

Sweater: B.P. || Jeans: Articles of Society || Shoes I would pair: Hinge 

This sweater was $24. It comes in a couple colors and I can't wait to wear it when it gets colder. Did you see where I said $24?? 

Dress: Current/Elliott || Shoes I would pair: Vans

This dress is on the expensive side of $98. I honestly didn't buy it because it needs to be worn a little lower without the bump. However it is the most comfortable thing I put on and wanted to share it with you all! 

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Round 1

Oh. M. Gee you guys! It is here! The sale of the year has officially begun for Nordstrom cardholders. I PROMISE I will not be blowing up the blog with all things sale. But I will be updating the TAD More Shopping page often with the best finds. Below are my must haves from my favorite categories to shop. You can either click the link next to the number or simple scroll over the picture to see the price of the item and be taken directly to it. 

Shoes on Shoes on Shoes

(Probably my favorite thing to shop the whole Nordstrom Sale)

1. Lucky Brand  2. Vince Camuto 3. Sam Edelman 4. Steve Madden

5. Hinge 6. B.P 7. Vince Camuto 8. Steve Madden


(second favorite thing to snag up during this sale. You can always use a new handbag right?)

1. Top Shop 2. ASTR 3. Two by Vince Camuto 4. Gibson 5.B.P

6. Love By Design 7. Free People 8. B.P 9. Top Shop


(need I say more)