Step in the Water

Photography by  Madi Flournoy Henderson

PSA: this is not a fashion post. I have already covered this dress. Actually, I wasn’t even planning to use these pictures on the blog, but they are the perfect compliment to the message I want to share with you.

While sitting in church this past Sunday, I had a clear “ah ha” moment.  It was during one of those messages where I couldn’t take notes fast enough. I kept looking for a remote to pause the sermon in order to write down each word. It was as if the clouds were parting and the sky was opening.  I wanted to bust out, “I am hearing you LOUD AND CLEAR, dear Jesus!” 

Justin Davis kicked off a new summer series with a message about how people are the narrators of God’s story.  For a little background, Justin is a former pastor at Cross Point Church. He left last year to start Hope City in Indianapolis.  As Justin explained, this was a real ego check: moving from an established church of 10,000 members to a new church of just 60 (on its best days… which includes his family of 5). Justin’s story gave new meaning to the phrase, “Respect the Process.”

As I sat there listening to Justin, I thought about how far Cross Point has come in just the last couple of years.  At one point, Cross Point was just like Hope City. And as Justin worked through the story of Joshua, where God led the Israelites across the Jordan River, I was reminded about how God worked on His own time frame thousands of years ago, just as He does now.

Justin explained that when God places an idea or plan on our heart, it is there for a reason.  God will give us the tools to make this idea a reality – maybe not our way, but some way. He said “you are not responsible for the outcome; you are responsible for your obedience.” It is your job to trust in Him. “Deeper trust will always lead to greater faith.”

I hope you, too, will find comfort knowing that great things take time. And if you need a little push, I highly recommend listening to this message. I pray it gives you just as much reassurance too keep following your dreams as it did for me.

“The water wont part until you step in.” – Justin Davis