Gladiators in Rompers

Photography by   Madi Flournoy Henderson   Shoes & Romper :  Fab'rik

Photography by Madi Flournoy Henderson Shoes & Romper: Fab'rik

I recently teamed up with Fab’rik for a shoot and am excited to bring you many of those looks over the next couple weeks. One outfit that I immediately fell in love with was this black romper. It’s perfect for summer because you can dress it up or down – it all depends on the shoes.

Lately I’ve had this weird obsession with gladiator shoes. It’s probably because we are heading to Europe next week and are ending the trip with a two-day stop in Greece.  So, naturally, I feel like I need to wear all things Grecian – blue, white, gladiator.  Totally look the part, right? Since gladiator shoes make such a big statement, pairing them with something simple—like this romper—totally works for me. 


Of course, when I think of gladiator shoes, I think of an army. Clearly, I am on a whole “God is our shield” kick this week.  It’s almost as if He is trying to prepare my heart for an upcoming battle. He seems to constantly be reminding me that He has my back. Do you ever feel that way? Like God is trying to get across to you, but you aren’t listening close enough?

The song, “Break Every Chain,” a popular tune at our church, has been on repeat in my brain for the last several days. Whenever this song is played, I always find myself singing louder than normal (apologies to anyone sitting next to me at Cross Point – I am WELL aware that my voice isn’t the most pleasant!). Particularly, the part that takes my voice to the next level starts with, “There’s an army rising up.”  This line is repeated several times, with each time getting stronger and stronger.

There is an army rising up with you. An army of people who want to walk with you. This army will help you push through the battles of life while reminding you of the strength that comes when you allow God to lead the way. So, let me ask you, are you allowing those people to fight with you? Who is in your army? Have you stood with them during their battles? Have you reminded them that God’s in control?

No matter what you are dealing with, it’s always comforting to know that God is in your corner… Gladiator shoes and all. He’s ready. Are you?

“For everyone who has been born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world – our faith” – 1 John 5:4