A Vest of Armor

I have always been a vest wearing type of girl. There’s something about wearing one that provides a sense of protection… not to mention an extra layer of warmth. So, when we recently traveled to New York and the temperature was appropriate enough for me to pull out my favorite vest, I immediately jumped at the opportunity.

At work I have this dear friend who honestly keeps me sane.  She offers lots of guidance, support, and laugher that keeps me on the right track. She is also a HUGE believer, and God always finds a way into most of our conversations (which is something I need on a regular basis while teaching small children - can I get an AMEN?!).

We work very well together. Even though my name is on the door, she is as much my students’ teacher as I am. She teaches them life lessons and makes big impacts on not only their education but also their character. Often, when I can’t find the words to explain something properly, she can tell where I am going and even explain it better.  She gets me. I dread the days when she calls in sick. If I’m being honest, I prefer to have no help at all if I can’t have her.

We have a very funny banter, and if you get the chance to witness it, I promise it will make you laugh. One thing I love about her is that she likes to tell me everything RIGHT AWAY. If she reads something and thinks I need to know, she will tell me that very moment. No matter what I am doing. On a daily basis, I would hear, “Taylor Ann! Taylor Ann! Listen to this!”  And while she was reading The Armor of God, anytime she saw something she thought I needed to hear, she would tell me and usually follow it up with, “Oh that is so true; don’t you think it’s so true?”


I didn’t actually read the book, but from what she told me about it, it is something I would recommend to anyone. And one day soon I hope to establish a small group with my friends and work through this book together. The book is all about preparing yourself for battle against the enemy. It talks about how God provides us with an invisible shield to protect us from the negative that has a way of bringing us down. I can’t tell you how many days I would hear her say, “You need to put on your armor. God will give you the tools to face this.”

So, whether you are wearing your favorite vest today or not, know that God has already provided you with a shield for protection. He is working each day to protect your heart. I pray that you will remember this truth with any hardship you may face today.

“Above all else guard your heart for everything you do flows from it.” – Proverbs 4:25