Taking a Break & Madewell

Photography by Madi Flournoy Henderson

Dress: Madewell || Shoes: Target 

You know by now that I am all about fitting into outfits that are NOT maternity wear. Which can become stressful at times. I get frustrated when something doesn’t fit only to remind myself “uh you’re pregnant. Its not supposed to fit you.” So when something does, its seriously like a party in my dressing room! And I threw a huge party when this dress from one of my favorite places, Madewell, fit like it did. I did worry I was a little Kim K in this dress, it is much more fitted than what I am used to wearing. But I figure I should rock this bump while I can! I also love that it is not so fitted I will still feel comfortable about wearing it in my non-bump life. Plus, isn’t the length just amazing. 

Now that our house is back in order after a big renovation, I have had a lot of down time for myself. And I am trying to embrace it and take it all in. More and more each day I am starting to realize how much our lives are going to change come August. While she is constantly on my mind as she grows each day, lately I am finding myself thinking more about the things that will happen once she arrives. Such as, having to change her diaper! Multiple times a day! Something I hadn’t really thought about until her dresser arrived last week.  

So I will admit, this past week I’ve taken a couple more naps than normal. I have sat by the pool when I should be sending emails. I have read books instead of working on my own. While each night I have a mini little worry session about all the things I should have gotten done today, I am pretty thankful for this down time before she arrives.

Sometimes God is asking us to just be still. Not always with our to-do list, like I have been doing, but with our hearts. We are such a go-getter society that its hard to recognize and even acknowledge that we just need a break. We need that moment with Him to get back on track. Finding that moment is the most important part. Sometimes that moment needs to come in place of an item you think you need on your to-do list today.

My prayer is you find time for that moment. If that means adding time in the morning to be with Him before your day takes off, or canceling that workout class for a nap and a good prayer session. Whatever it is, I hope you find a second to see how much love He has for you. 

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