The Name

Photography by  Madi Flournoy Henderson  || Dress:  Nordstrom

Photography by Madi Flournoy Henderson || Dress: Nordstrom

During the colder months of the year, I am particularly drawn to the color grey. It is the perfect neutral color that makes everything a bit softer. Earlier this fall, I picked out this dress from Nordstrom knowing that it would be a great out-on-the-town outfit. Now, I know when I say “Nordstrom,” dollar signs immediately pop in your head; but, if you haven’t checked out the store in a while, you will be surprised to find great deals on quality clothing. Isn't it interesting how that name carries such a strong reputation?
A name carries weight. It also carries expectations, knowledge, and judgment. But a name can have more to it. Sometimes, you have to look past what you think know in order to discover the true meaning.

This past Sunday, part of the message at Cross Point involved breaking down the holiest of names. Yep, I am talking about the meaning behind the name, Jesus. It’s something I had never thought about before. Because, like most of us, when I think about Jesus, I don’t think about how those five letters were constructed together to represent something more. I think about the message that is carried with the name. For me, that message is one of trust, protection, and love. But, for you, that name could carry a meaning that is something entirely different.
Let me break down the meaning of those five letters for you. They were not strung together by accident. God gave himself the name Yahweh, which means, “I am.” When you belt out a “Hallelujah,” you are actually saying “Praise be to God.” And when you say Jesus, you are actually saying “God saves.” The “J” in His name means God. The "sus" in His name means salvation. Jesus paid our debt so that we could be saved. We are saved by His grace and His love. His name is a name above all names. Created by our Father to save His children. Thanks be to God. Praise His holy name. 

"So God raised Him up to the most important place and gave him the name that is greater than any other name." - Philippians 2:9