Tied Up

Photography by  Madi Flournoy Henderson  || Dress:  VICI

Photography by Madi Flournoy Henderson || Dress: VICI

The dresses with the little “tie-up” in the front will be everywhere this fall. Well, at least everywhere in my closet. Give VICI a visit because they have this look figured out. I’m sure Adam is loving the packages that regularly show up on our doorstep from their store in California. #sorrynotsorry

While this little tie-up makes a great addition to the VICI dress, there are some tie-ups that should be avoided… like being tied up in stress rather than tied up in trust. I’ll be the first to admit that I am by far the worst person to travel with – unless, of course, you enjoy being at least three hours early to the airport… Then I am great. But if we get behind, off schedule, or delayed, I DO NOT handle it well. Adam witnesses this often. He has to love me, though, so he has learned to deal with it. But a handful of family and friends have witnessed several travel-related emotional breakdowns, and I am thankful they still choose to travel with me. 

I am currently sitting on the airplane we almost missed because of the SLOWEST ECONOMY PARKING BUS ever. Apologies to all on that bus… I now realize that my dramatic run from the bus to the security line was the most UNNECESSARY thing ever. But it happened.
As I sit here in seat 10A, I am pretty disappointed in myself for not calling on Jesus in that time of stress. I mean, I thought about it; but, if there was a lesson on patience that He was trying to teach me, I totally missed it. Again. While traveling is such a small example, you would think that by now I would realize that he is ALWAYS in control.

Do you ever feel like you keep missing the same lesson? Like God is clearly trying to tell you something, but it still isn’t getting through to you? What is it? I want you to think about it. Pray about it. And maybe finally pick up what He is putting down.
My travel through the airport would have been a lot more enjoyable for myself (and Adam… and everyone that I came in contact with) if I had just handed all that worry and stress over to Him. I pray that you can today. I pray that you fight through whatever is holding you back. And I pray that you will only be tied up in dresses – not stresses.