Photography by  Madi Flournoy Henderson  || Dress:  Fab'rik

Photography by Madi Flournoy Henderson || Dress: Fab'rik

It may be July, but a little black dress is always in style… Especially one that has fringe (which adds a little something extra to those twirls on the dance floor). My friend Lacey, who is the best person to be with when you are in need of a night of belly-aching laughs, would call this dress, “Fringe Benefits.” And I would say that the fringe is a perfect addition to this little black dress. 

The best part about buying a new dress is having the perfect event to showcase it. The worst part is buying a new dress and not being invited to wear it anywhere (cue the ugly crying)

I was recently given the opportunity to promote Lysa TerKeurst’s latest book, Uninvited. I like to pretend that I was HAND SELECTED for this very important role but that really wasn’t the case.  (A girl can dream, right?).  I eagerly signed up (yes, just basically gave them my email) to help because it meant that I could get my hands on the first 3 chapters of the book before it is released in August. With a title like Uninvited how can you not be excited. Yes, Lysa, I have felt rejected.  Yes, I have felt uninvited! Help me understand how to work through these feelings!   

I couldn’t even get through the first page, let alone the first chapter, without writing down passages.  I had so many “THAT’S SO TRUE” moments while reading. She doesn’t sugar coat anything. Lysa dives right into that feeling of not being worthy. Even with a strong faith in the Lord, she admits that “spiritual maturity doesn’t shield from rejection.” 

n this life, it is a well known and understood truth that we will face rejection at some point. We might even at times be overcome with the fear of being rejected (which, by the way, is a fear that I am battling INTENSELY right now). However, “we must tie our identities to our unchanging, unflinching, unyielding, undeniably good, and unquestionably loving God.” 

She goes on to write, “No person’s rejection can ever exempt me from God’s love for me. Period. No question mark. The most beautiful love story ever written is the one you were made to live with God.”

Of course, I realize that my quick blurb from her book isn’t going to solve all those feelings of rejection, but I hope it will provide you with a little sliver of comfort. But, isn’t it so true? Our love story is written with God, by God, and for God. He will always carry you through those moments of feeling unworthy.

I pray today that whenever you are faced with a moment of rejection, you will remember that you are ALWAYS accepted by the one who loves you the most. And His love is powerful enough to heal the most broken of hearts.

PS: I think we should all read this book.