Up All Night

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: I am a nap person. I live for a good afternoon nap. So, when I find a shirt that is soft enough to wear during one of these little naps, it is considered a win. This top is not only soft, but it also provides just enough warmth for this so-called fall weather we are currently experiencing in Tennessee. And since it comes from Hadley Rae Boutique, you know I’m going to say that the price can’t be beat. This look will be on her website tonight so be sure to check it out. 

Another secret of mine is that I don’t sleep well at night (which is probably why I need all the naps!). My mind races through the ENTIRE day’s events before even processing the concept of sleep. Yes, it is beyond annoying; but, unfortunately, it’s the way I am wired. Making matters worse is the fact that the nights where it seems as if my brain is never going to turn off are also the nights where I wrestle internally with whatever anger I have pent up throughout the day, weeks, or months.  In other words, these are the nights where the bad in my life seems to outweigh the good. My mind goes a millions miles a minute. My energy is so strong that I could probably get out of bed and run six miles (which I have NEVER done in my life) all out of frustration. And nights like this always leave me with a miserable, sleepy feeling the next morning.
In Genesis 32:22-23, we are told about the story of Jacob, who “wrestled with a man until the dawn began to break.” Of course, when you read the story, you quickly come to realize that Jacob is not wrestling with a man; rather, he is wrestling with God. He fights with God while attempting to understand His ways. It is through that fight that Jacob realizes he is blessed, sought after, and loved. He realizes that God has a path and plan for him and that he doesn’t need to be angry anymore.

Sometimes, we get so angry about situations in our lives that it overtakes our thinking. But when we allow that kind of anger to take over our mind—and even worse, our hearts—it is near impossible to see the peace that lies ahead. We all have negative thoughts and difficult situations that we wrestle with on a day-to-day basis. But if we hand even the smallest amount of these struggles over to God, we will quickly find moments of peace instead of moments of doubts.