Is it Sunday yet?

The history of Sunday in the Shed

Earlier this year, we had a crazy snow storm that left most Nashvillians trapped in their homes for the weekend. We got out of school for two whole days, leaving us with a four-day weekend. It was glorious. There was so much snow that churches even cancelled their services and encouraged members to stream the service from home. Our church went a step further.  It encouraged us to invite people to our home to watch the service that day -- an idea that seemed so simple, yet had never crossed my mind. 

Of course, that simple suggestion sparked an idea of something more in this brain of mine. I could see the movie reel playing in my head as the idea unfolded. Suddenly, Sunday in the Shed was born, and I am so excited about it's future. 

I love my church. Being there on Sunday mornings is the best part of my week. But not everyone loves my church, and I am aware of that. I don't need these people to fall in love with my church. I want them to fall in love with the peace God offers.  Falling in love with a church would then be the inevitable next step.

God should be talked about in every situation, but sometimes you might not always feel comfortable including him. You also might not feel comfortable inviting that friend, co-worker or even family member with you to church. Mostly because you probably feel like they won't want to come. But inviting them to your thats a different story. 

So I thought, why not throw a party at your house, invite some people over, make sure there is food (people always come if there is food), and watch a church service. Give yourself an opportunity for those relationships to grow, while including God in on the fun.

Why the name "Sunday in the Shed"?

I picked Sunday because I have this vision of my readers and their friends getting together on a Sunday afternoon. Grilling out, having some chips and dip, and learning together about how great is our God. I hope that it will spark conversation and community in such an effortless and comfortable way.  

But if Sunday doesn't work for you and your crew, then choose another day. Call it Tuesday in the Treehouse if you want. 

I picked The Shed because this doesn't have to be a fancy thing. If you are hosting a Sunday in the Shed, you don't have to cook a bunch of fancy appetizers you found on Pinterest, or make your house look like it just came out of a Pottery Barn catalog. The point is to keep it comfortable.  

I also picked "The Shed" because it is where I will be hosting my first ever Sunday in the Shed. We have this random building in our backyard that the previous owners turned into a "man cave."  We have since added couches, a TV, and even a ping pong table -- all making for a perfect place for community and fellowship. 

"The Shed"

"The Shed"

How I'm here to help

Each week, starting the first week of April 2016, I will find and review a church service for you to share with "your people."  All you will have to do is come to this page and share the lesson. I am a member of Cross Point Church in Nashville, so a majority of my posts will come from there. But expect to see lots of different messages and series from amazing people across the country. 

Sunday in the Shed is something you can host monthly, weekly, or just one time. The point is to help you grow in your relationship with God while being a guiding light for others. Isn't that the whole point of being a Christian anyway? Spreading the news of the love of God?