Unwavering Faithfulness

Photo from  Cross Point Church

It is a difficult concept to grasp- realizing that God is always there for us. No matter what.

It is also difficult to understand that people will fail us.  It’s inevitable.  

For years, I have heard about God’s unwavering faithfulness. And while I knew that in my heart, I am not sure I totally accepted it. To be honest, I am not sure that I will ever be able to fully grasp it. I am human. When I first heard this message, I remember walking out of church with a sense of peace, and eyes full of joyful tears.

I personally hold a lot of trust in people… probably too much trust. This has frequently led to heartbreak. It has been an issue that I have had to work through for a long time.

I chose God’s unwavering faithfulness as the message for at the first Sunday in the Shed.  In this message, we are told that people will fail us, churches will fail us, and organizations will fail us; yet, we are still okay because God will never fail us. I’ll admit, a light bulb went off after hearing that. Like, news flash, Taylor Ann – people are going to let you down.  They are humans after all.

As a teacher, putting kids in timeout is part of the job.  When it happens, you should see the kids’ faces. It is painful to watch them get upset with themselves and know that they have disappointed you. It makes me want to say, “Oh ok, its fine, don’t cry. You only have to sit out 4 minutes instead of 5.” But even though their pitiful faces and crocodile tears absolutely destroy my heart, I can’t give in or they will never learn. But the one thing they know is that I always love them. Even when I am upset with them, I tell them that it is only because I love them. I wouldn’t waste my time dealing with a meltdown if I didn’t want them to grow from their mistakes.

It’s the same thing with God. He isn’t necessarily going to make us sit in time-out for 5 minutes during recess, and he isn’t going to punish us either when we make a mistake. He is, however, always going to love us. No matter what, he will always be faithful to us.

This message walks you through that kind of thinking and does a great job explaining God’s relationship with you. I highly recommend watching the whole OMG series, but if you are going to catch just one, or share just one, this is my favorite.

Photo from  Cross Point Church

In my opinion, the end of the message is the best part.  It’s also the part that had me wishing that Cross Point would keep a small box of tissues under each seat! I am not going to give it away because I want you to experience it for yourself. Hopefully, it will be a message that you will want to share at your own Sunday in the Shed.