With a Happy Heart

Dress: Pink Blush Maternity || Similar non-maternity styles here & here || Shoe styles here & here || Bag: here || Other bags I would carry here & here 

I have entered a whole new world of maternity wear. So, I get very excited when I find new shops with styles I can wear during my pregnancy.  Pink Blush Maternity is one of those shops, and this pink dress, in particular, is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I dressed it up with some wedges for a fun night out in Scottsdale. And when I say fun, I mean shopping for strollers (because Adam and I are so weirdly obsessed with the Uppa Baby Vista that we looked at it even while on vacation), eating lobster rolls, and going to bed by 10. But there is so much more to Pink Blush than just maternity wear. It is a place where I can affordably shop for the next couple of months and well into the future. 

While in Scottsdale, Adam and I made an agreement. He could play golf one morning as long as he promised to take blog pictures with…wait for it... a happy heart. It’s something my mom always says when you have to do something you don’t want to do. “Do it with a happy heart or don’t do it at all.” It is now a phrase that gets tossed around in conversation with Adam and my friends. It’s usually said with a laugh and a smile – unless we are super annoyed, at which time we say, “I have a happy heart, okay!?!” But Adam held up his end of the deal and did a great job subbing for Madi on the blog pictures. I am thankful that he wears the badge of “Instagram husband” with a happy heart… well, at least 98% of the time.

In our faith, there are times when we feel forced to do things with a happy heart. Sometimes it’s the little things like volunteering at church when all we really want to do is sleep-in. Or, it’s meeting up with a friend to chat over coffee when we really don’t have the time. Other times, it’s the big stuff, like forgiving someone when it’s easier to be angry. Or, accepting the situation when all you want to do is argue how it should be. But either way, we do it with a happy heart – not because we want to, but because we know deep down we should.

At the end of the day, when you do things with a happy heart, you are left with exactly that... A happy heart. You can lay your head on the pillow at night knowing that you acted in a way that is pleasing to Jesus. It’s in that happy heart that you embrace a heart like His. One that is giving, accepting, forgiving, loving, etc. And it is in those happy heart moments that you find the blessing of His peace.