Keeping Routine

Photography by Madi Flournoy Henderson

Top: Nordstrom || Similar tops here & here || Pants: ASOS maternity || Non maternity styles here & here || Shoes here & here || Necklace || Bags I would pair here & here

I realize that I am six-months pregnant. I also realize that my stomach is only going to get bigger. But I am bound and determined not to spend boatloads of money on maternity wear. As a result, tunics are quickly becoming my best friend. Knowing that I will be able to wear them throughout my pregnancy (hopefully) and in the years to come makes them all the more appealing. I love how this particular tunic has some shape to it and doesn’t just look like a sack hanging on me. Hinge is one of my favorite brands at Nordstrom, so it’s no surprise that this tunic came home with me... pregnant or not.

Shopping for maternity wear is totally not my normal routine. While I might complain about only being able to wear an outfit for a couple more months, I feel truly blessed to have the struggle of “fitting the bump.” I would fit the bump for as long as God so desired because the joy that comes with feeling her little kicks far surpasses any desire to wear my normal summer attire.

But, again, it is still a change to my normal shopping routine. Sometimes change is good – and not just with our shopping routine. (I mean, the struggle is real when you have to change up how you shop, right? Kidding… well, kind of!). Changing up our routine with our faith is also good. Challenging. But good.

In high school, I was so good about writing down my prayers before bed. In college, I wrote them on a notecard, so I could read over them after doing my devotion. In the real world, however, I stopped writing them down altogether. I try to carry them in my head, which often causes me to forget who and what I should be praying for.

I’m not saying that I don’t still throw my prayers and praises up to Him every day. Nevertheless, I am well aware that changing up my pre-bed routine of watching Real Housewives of You-Name-the-City to reading and focusing more on prayer might be a good thing. It’s just a matter of committing to it, changing the routine, and pressing forward.

What routines do you feel you need to change? Where do you want to improve? And are you willing to accept the challenge that comes with change? Even the smallest change can become ever so rewarding.