Entertaining God's Plan

To officially enter this blogger world, I felt like I had to write at least one post about styling a bar cart. It’s basically a right of passage. So, here it is. My beautiful bar cart from World’s Market, and I absolutely love it.

I also absolutely love to entertain. I am happy to offer my home for all types of occasions: from dinner parities, to baby showers, to football gatherings, and—of course—Sunday in the Shed. Having people over to my house is one of my favorite things to do. So, naturally, adding a bar cart to my entertaining collection made perfect sense. It was also a great reason to buy macaroons from Whole Foods that only cost a small fortune (shhh, don’t tell Adam!). 


When I planned this photo shoot, I didn’t totally think it through. And I’ve honestly struggled a bit with trying to figure out how I am going to incorporate my bar cart into my Christian blog. Like, what was I going to do? God loves you, so let’s pop the champagne and celebrate all His blessings?  Yeah… No. Then it hit me. 

This past weekend I struck up a conversation with an old acquaintance, who suddenly felt like a close friend that had been in my life for years. The words she spoke and the strength she exuded could only come straight from the heart of God.  It was a force of faith that could shine in the darkest of holes. If I ever have to go to battle, I will seek her strength to help guide the way. That is how strong she is.

It was during our simple conversation that I realized the gift she was giving me. But, if I am being honest, she had given that gift long ago. This time, however, it was just hitting me smack dab in the face. She was teaching me that God places us in situations beyond our control, yet gives us the strength to confront those situations with nothing more than a faith in Him.

Entertaining a party seems like a pretty easy task when compared to entertaining the plan God has for your life.

Sometimes that plan seems exciting, glamorous, and even thrilling. Other times that plan seems gruesome, painful, and completely unwarranted. The hard part is realizing that no matter the plan or the path, God is shaping you through each and every step. You have to choose if you are going to let him walk beside you… or behind you.


Image by Jenn Gietzen

Image by Jenn Gietzen