Excited about YOU!

I get excited about a lot of simple things in life. Like not having to wait in line at Fido on a Saturday afternoon. Or Adam coming home early enough that we can go for a walk. Or finding a really comfortable, yet affordable top from Fab’rik.

I also get excited about a lot of big things (well, big to me at least), such as watching a student finally have enough confidence to join the other boys in a basketball game rather than watching from the sidelines. Or seeing your best friend go on a well deserved trip to her favorite place on the planet. Or having your team be ranked number one in your adult kickball league (yes, this is a big thing… A very big thing.  I love my kickball team)!

But you know what I don’t get as excited about?  Myself.  We hear over and over that we are our own biggest critic. As I chase this dream more and more, I have to really work hard to ignore my inner critic, who tells me I’m crazy for thinking this could all work out. That guy just won’t shut up some days.

But God’s voice and His excitement for you should be LOUDER than our inner critic. When we put ourselves in the most vulnerable places, we tend to put His cheers for us on mute.  Instead, we should be allowing Him to stand in the front row, waving His handmade sign, and yelling “Let’s Go, [insert your name here], Let’s Go!

Romans 9:25 says, “I’ll call them nobodies and make them somebodies; I’ll call the unloved and make them beloved.”

Funny enough, right about the time I began to step out into this new, unfamiliar world, my church started a series called Wonderlife, which was exactly what I needed for this season. There will be more about this series on the Sunday in the Shed page in the near future.

But, in short, the whole point of Wonderlife is to get excited about yourself and realize God put you here for a reason… That God adores you and your story matters. 

Image from  Noel Shiveley

Image from Noel Shiveley

So get excited about you! Better yet, get excited about the dreams God has in store for you. Because honestly, “the most radical thing you can be is yourself” – Mike Foster.