Kindness is Cool

There is nothing better than finding a dress that works for both work and play. This gorgeous dress from Hadley Rae meets that criteria and is one that I am seriously obsessed with for fall. Did I mention that it also comes in navy?  Yes, please.  If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times, the pricing does not get any better than what you will find at And this dress is a MUST. 

You know what else can be nice? People. Surprising thought, I know. Why? I think it’s because we are quicker to remember the people who are R.U.D.E than the people who are nice. Think about it. At the end of the day, who are you more focused on? The people who lifted you up or the people who brought you down? Since you are human, my guess is that you chose the second option. At least that’s how it is for me. But I am tired of focusing on the bad. 

This past weekend, I think I stumbled upon the nicest little town in America. And while it wasn’t the nicest looking town (that title belongs to Oxford, Mississippi), College Station, Texas, might be home to the nicest people (well, certainly in SEC country). I honestly have never felt so welcomed at a football game. And it wasn’t just the people at our UNBELIEVEABLE tailgate, this sentiment was felt everywhere we went. People would walk by and say, “Howdy” (it is Texas after all) and “Thank you for coming.” Some would say, “Welcome to College Station. We are glad you are here.” At times, it was even a bit overwhelming – but in a good way.

And while the final score of the game didn’t go as we hoped, all the nice people in College Station left me thinking about how I could approach this week a little differently. Let’s take a page out of their book (and maybe their playbook while we are at it) and show random kindness to someone this week. Then, let’s take it a step further and focus on the kindness other people might show us each day. Go to bed thankful for the good, while ignoring the ugly.  Once you do, you will become more aware of the comforting presence Jesus has in your life. 

"Kind words are like honey; they are easy to accept and good for your health." - Proverbs 16:24