The Future Is... Spotty?

Hadley Rae has me swooning over her new arrivals this month, and this shirt is just one of the many pieces that I love. Why? Well, probably because it has stripes on it. Remember, stripes are a staple of my “everyday go-to kind of look.” I also love how the polka dots on the top of the shirt add a unique little twist. And since I am all about a casual look, this shirt hits on all cylinders.
While we can all get behind the idea of spots (or polka dots) in an outfit, we all hate when our future seems a little spotty. Of course, the Lord plans our steps; but, generally speaking, we have an idea of where He might be taking us. With that said, every once in a while, a path opens up that we never saw coming. A path that we wouldn’t even wish upon our worst enemy. And when that path presents itself, it leaves us wondering whether God will patch the holes that seem to litter the journey ahead.

This morning, my family and friends from my precious beach town on the east coast are waking up and wondering what they will find in the days to come. I can’t even imagine the overwhelming feeling of uncertainty and worry that has consumed their thoughts these last couple of days. And when a path as devastating as this becomes your reality, you can find yourself asking, “What now, God?”
While I’ve never experienced this kind of loss, I do know my God. And I know that He will always provide for His children. In the midst of each unexpected path we encounter in our lives, He finds a way to show us His love. He reminds us that “His love is like a hurricane and we are the tree, bending beneath His weight and mercy. How He loves us with such an unconditional love.” 
Today, I pray that whatever path you are traveling down, you will see God carrying you through. Whether it is a path you saw coming or one that appeared out of no where, God will stay by your side. He will provide. For in His eyes, your future is never spotty. 

"God is our protection and source of strength. He is always ready to help us in times of trouble." - Psalms 46:1