Praise Worthy Wednesday

Praise for this particular Wednesday. Because this Wednesday the election is officially OVER. How happy I will be to turn on the news in the morning and not hear all the noise. But praise for the election, our right to vote, and the fact that school was out yesterday. Thankful for you, America.

This weekend, Adam and I wrapped up our last wedding of 2016, and it was a blast. I also finally listened to my friend and tried Click List from Kroger. The fact that I picked out my groceries online and had them delivered right to my car was amazing. Below are a few more praises for this week; but, as always, my biggest PRAISE is to all of you for taking the time to read my blog.  Prayers for a blessed and healing week, friends. 

- Praise this weather and a day off to get to read my newest book crave, The Broken Way.-

-Praise for this guy. The best wedding date a girl could ask for. - 

-Praise for a trip to H&M, where I found this super cozy sweater. - 

-and Praise for a visit from Lisa Harper who had me in stitches on Sunday morning and reminded me that "on our worst days when the word says you aren't anything, Jesus says, 'You're my everything.'"