Praise Worthy Wednesday

Photography by  Madi Flournoy Henderson

In life, we are given many blessings from our Lord above. But one of the best gifts He gives us is the gift of laughter. Earlier this month, I spent the weekend with a group of girls that I thank God for everyday. Not only because of their unwavering love and support, but because of their ability to make me laugh so hard at the silliest things. Time with these girls is good for the soul. 

We sat around the table on our last night together and laughed through the tears as we talked about how thankful we were for each other. I could never put into words what these girls mean to me. 

So, on this Praise Worthy Wednesday, I praise God for the gifts of laughter and friendship. I praise God for the kinds of friends who bring me joy from something as simple as a game of Dirty Santa. I praise God for the feeling I got when the new baby girl of one of my best friends grabbed hold of my hand.

I pray that your friendships bring you this much happiness. And I pray that you live a life full of laughter with the ones you love.

As always, a big PRAISE to each of you for taking time to stop by this little blog of mine. Below are some more of my praises for this week. 

- Praise for this group of girls and their giving hearts. We collected so many toys to give to the Vanderbilt Children's Hospital all thanks to our loving friend, Kristina, for the idea. -

- Praise for this adorable coffee mug from Ashley Brooke Designs. These make the perfect gifts for Christmas. - 

- Praise for this beautiful reminder from She Reads Truth

Photo by She Reads Truth

Photo by She Reads Truth

- and praise for a day in downtown franklin with my favorite people wearing the coziest sweater from Vinnie Louise -

Praise Worthy Wednesday

 Outfit Linked Below and  Here

 Outfit Linked Below and Here

When life gets super busy, it is important to take some time to rest. However, those precious moments of rest haven't been in the cards for me lately... Which, oddly enough, I am so thankful for. Life has been the best kind of busy.

But even with the "best kind of busy," I could still feel myself getting a little lost in the shuffle. I knew it was time to get back to the basics with a few things in my life. The never ending to-do list was missing a very important item to check off. That item was time with Jesus. Even when I spend just a couple minutes studying His Word, I feel like I am mentally (and emotionally, for that matter) in a better place. So, this week, I am offering a praise to the First 5 app from Proverbs 31. For me, the words that greet me each morning from this little box on my phone are just what I need to find those elusive moments of rest in the midst of a busy season. 

My prayer for you this week is that you find a moment of rest with Jesus. Time for you to learn from Him, talk to Him, and grow closer to Him. 

As always, you taking the time to read my blog is my biggest PRAISE, but I've listed a few more for this week below.  Prayers for you and your week ahead. 

- Praise for the first birthday party of the littlest member of this groups - 

- Praise for a quick trip to Knoxville to celebrate this Momma-to-be - 

- Praise for celebrating the engagement of lifelong friends - 


- and Praise for the reminder of this verse from my girl, Lysa TerKeurst  -

Praise Worthy Wednesday

Praise for this particular Wednesday. Because this Wednesday the election is officially OVER. How happy I will be to turn on the news in the morning and not hear all the noise. But praise for the election, our right to vote, and the fact that school was out yesterday. Thankful for you, America.

This weekend, Adam and I wrapped up our last wedding of 2016, and it was a blast. I also finally listened to my friend and tried Click List from Kroger. The fact that I picked out my groceries online and had them delivered right to my car was amazing. Below are a few more praises for this week; but, as always, my biggest PRAISE is to all of you for taking the time to read my blog.  Prayers for a blessed and healing week, friends. 

- Praise this weather and a day off to get to read my newest book crave, The Broken Way.-

-Praise for this guy. The best wedding date a girl could ask for. - 

-Praise for a trip to H&M, where I found this super cozy sweater. - 

-and Praise for a visit from Lisa Harper who had me in stitches on Sunday morning and reminded me that "on our worst days when the word says you aren't anything, Jesus says, 'You're my everything.'"