Walk the Line

Photography by  Madi Flournoy Henderson  || Necklace:  Karama Collection

Photography by Madi Flournoy Henderson || Necklace: Karama Collection

When I first walked into the conference hall at She Speaks, I knew a total of zero people. Anxious but excited, I found a spot on the floor outside of the Karama pop-up shop.  I was fully prepared to just sit and look at my conference materials until the first session started.  But God, like he always does, had another plan in mind.
While I was sitting there, a women named Kristine came over to talk to me. Immediately, we struck up a conversation about our passions. (Yes, not your typical ice-breaker, but we dove in anyway).   We quickly came to realize that our passions are similar—and quite simple—in that we both want to work with people and show our love for Jesus. The only difference being that I feel called to fulfil my passion through written words and she feels called to fulfil hers through jewelry and other handcrafted items. Isn’t it amazing how God can show his love for us through so many different vehicles?  Karama is a perfect example of this.

Karama is an organization that highlights the skills of those who probably never expected such an opportunity. Their artisans work from small shacks in Africa to create delicate pieces of jewelry out of recycled metals. While these artisans have few earthly possessions, through Karama, God gives them the platform to showcase their talents.
This particular piece is called, “Walk the Line.” If you head over to my Instagram page, you can actually enter a giveaway to win one yourself.  I love this necklace because it is simple… But I also recognize that the story behind the necklace is far from simple.
When I wear this necklace, I often wonder what the artisans were thinking when they chose the design. I wonder what the straight line means to them. With a name like “Walk the Line,” it is certain to carry a story. 

Jesus walked the line for us. He was nailed to a cross so that we may find eternal peace. This is a gift too beautiful to fathom. Everyday, when you wake up, you make a choice to walk the line towards Jesus. To glorify Him through your daily works.  Some days, you might be on the right track. Other days, you may get a little off track (or completely turn off the path) before realizing that you need to turn back around. But no matter what that journey looks like, the line will always lead you back to Him.
Today, I pray that you recognize the beautiful path Jesus is leading you down. Sure, it will be bumpy at times and even filled with mountains that seem too steep to climb; but, He will be a constant presence by your side – willing and able to walk the line with you. 

"He who started a good work in you will carry it on to completion." - Philippians 1:6

Funny How A Memory

Photography by  Madi Flournoy Henderson  Dress:  Diana Warner

Photography by Madi Flournoy Henderson Dress: Diana Warner

Don’t you just love this maxi dress? It reminds me of being at the beach. I could totally see myself strolling down 30A in this outfit. Actually, let’s be real. I would be happy to stroll down 30A in a trash bag – I love that place so much. But, if I could wear this dress, it would be all the more perfect.

This dress is brought to you by Diana Warner; and, if you haven’t been to her pop-up shop in Nashville (or at least browsed through her website), I highly suggest that you head over there… like now.  Diana will always hold a special place in my retail heart.  A little more than four years ago, she designed the most beautiful necklaces for my bridesmaids to wear at our wedding. And let me tell you, it made my day to walk into an engagement party this past weekend and see Jamie, one of my bridesmaids, wearing the necklace.

I also loved pairing this look with another favorite jewelry piece from Diana Warner: the Obligato necklace. I bought it while attending the University of Tennessee; so, whenever I wear it, I’m instantly brought back to those beloved college days. 

I know material things shouldn’t be that important, but I love how a simple necklace can bring back such wonderful memories… Memories that remind you how you got to where you are today. They also serve as good reminders of how the Lord’s plan for our life can be better than anything we could ever think up. Memories can be a comforting reminder of how he is in control. I wasn’t supposed to attend UT for college. I originally started at Ole Miss. But because I ended up there, I met Jamie, who has since been my sorority sister, roommate, bridesmaid, teammate, and best-friend that I couldn’t imagine doing life without. 

Have you ever stopped to think about how you got to the place you are today? And all the twists and turns you made along the way?  Did you know that with each step you took, God already knew you would take them? How can the steps you’ve already walked help someone who is trying to find their way?

We have an amazing God who gives us so much. I just hope He will guide the way to get me to 30A in this dress very soon! Until then, I’ll just sit back and reminisce about all these happy memories. 

"I thank my God every time I remember you." - Philippians 1:3

Your Go-To

Photography by  Madi Flournoy Henderson

We all have that go-to item hanging in our closet. It could be a shirt, a pair of jeans, or even a dress. Whatever it is, we pick it because we know it looks good and feels good.  But, most importantly, we pick it because we know we look good in it. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be our go-to.

These pieces of jewelry are my go-to for any occasion. Each piece has a story behind it and represents a time of celebration in my life.  It’s almost as if they provide a sense of comfort when I wear them.


At the end of the day, the “go-to” items in your closet or on your dresser are really just that… items. They hold sentimental value, which is special, but you can continue on without them. Another characteristic of our go-to items is that they tend to change with whatever season or period of life you are in. Something you wear over and over again in the summer isn’t going to be the same thing that you wear in the winter. Unless, of course, you live somewhere tropical. And, if that’s the case, aren’t you lucky! 

Just like the go-to items in our closet, our go-to people change, too. We all have that group or that clique that we know we can go to with anything: to celebrate, to cry, to laugh, or to grab a donut with (because who doesn’t want to do that?). There are members of this “go-to” group that you know will be with you for life. Each member holds a specific place in your heart and carries a special gift.

On the other hand, there are those go-to members of the group who enter your life for a season. During that time in your life, you are going to rely on them to walk with you down a specific path. 


No matter what, we all need a go-to. We are not built to take this journey by ourselves. Even Jesus walked the earth with a go-to group. He had people to pray with, eat with, celebrate with, and travel with.  He even had people to challenge Him. Doesn’t that sound very similar to your “go-to” people?

This week, I encourage you to recognize the gifts in each of your “go-to” people. Take a moment to realize what they offer you. Then, take a moment to think about what you can offer them. Check yourself! Have you been as much of a go-to to them as they have been to you? God has placed people in your life for a reason. So GO TO them!  

"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and of the Holy Spirt, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age." - Matthew 28:19-20