Once in a While & White Dresses

Photography by Madi Flournoy Henderson  

Dress: Nordstrom || Shoes: Target || Similar shoes here and here



When I think about summer one of the things that always comes to mind is a simple white dress. Even though you can totally wear white all year round, there is just something about a white dress and summer. They just go together. This one from Nordstrom was one of my favorites from this year. Mostly because it is so bump friendly, but I also love how it can easily go from dressed up to dressed down. This one is currently on sale too! I have listed some of my top white dress picks below. A good white dress only comes around every once in a while. 

One of the things I constantly work on in my relationship with Christ is letting Him be in control. I am sure I am not alone in this. I spend my days praying for Him to make certain things work out on my time. As each event unfolds, my prayers will become more dyer to have things work in my direction. Instead of taking the time to listen to what He might be trying to tell me.

We can try to control our plans, but ultimately they are in God’s hands. Something we know yet often have to remind ourselves. I know He attempts to tell me this on a daily basis. And even with those reminders, I still find myself trying to control His plan.

Every once in while, when I go to pray the words “just be still” will come through so clearly. It is as if He is screaming them into my brain. I’ll begin to pray for things to work out a certain way and suddenly God interrupts me with this command. More than ever before I have been hearing those words over and over again.

Realizing I need to trust in His timing has never been so apparent. Mostly because I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of our little one. But I also know He means it in so many other areas. So for now, I am doing just that. Being still. Trusting in Him to know where the next steps are. To know the exact date when she will arrive. And to know He will lead me through the paths that are presented before me.

More than anything, I pray you will be able to hear what God is saying to you as you pray today. I pray He will clearly give you an idea of what to do next. Because there is nothing more comforting then hearing Him say “I’ve got this, just be still.” 

Be still and know that I am God. - Psalm 46:10

One Step

Last Sunday, the weather was so amazing that Adam insisted we spend all day outside. This worked out well for me because I was able to convince him to go to Proper Bagel for an after-church brunch.  I used their underrated patio as my negotiating leverage!  When it came time to select an afternoon activity, I thought we would either go for a walk or sit by the pool; but, in Adam’s opinion, the only outside activity worth pursuing was to hit the range. So we did.

Don’t get me wrong, I like golf. There is nothing like a “golf nap” on a Sunday afternoon. It is the most peaceful sporting event to nap through. However, because I associate golf with these naps, when I actually play the sport, I have trouble making it through all eighteen (okay, okay… nine) holes without getting tired. On this particular day, we were just going to the driving range (which is also code for an additional hour long putting session), so I was pretty sure I could swing it… literally. 

Here is the thing about golf: there are so many steps to remember when you hit the ball. First, you have to hold the club just right. Well, actually, you have to initially pick the correct club. Let me tell you how I handle making that decision –

Me: Adam, which club should I use?

Adam: Pick a high one.

Me: Well, which way is high? Is 3 high – like 3rd place? Or, is a 9 high?

Adam: (Insert eye roll) Just get an 8.

SO, every time I hit the ball, I just use an 8, a pitching wedge, or a putter. After you pick the correct club, you have to line yourself up in the direction you want to hit the ball. The odd thing is that you are sideways, even though you want to hit it straight. Unless of course you are putting, then you have to hit it in the direction of the curve of the green. Then, you have to choke up on the club… but not too much. Interlock your fingers just so. Bend your knees and lean over the ball… but not too much. Pull your arms back to swing… but not too far back, and keep your front arm straight. Then, you swing the ball and attempt to get under it… but not too much… all while you keep your head down and knees bent.

Were you able to keep track of all those steps? I sure couldn’t.  Out of the 50 balls – I probably had two decent shots. Whenever I asked Adam what I was doing wrong, his answer was always something different. No wonder golfers make so much money!

While it takes many steps to perfect your golf swing, it only takes one step to pray.


Print available at  LeMarigny  

Print available at LeMarigny 

Really, just one step. All you have to do is start talking to God. You don’t have to be in a certain place, read a particular chapter in the Bible, fold your hands together, or keep your eyes closed. You can be anywhere and just start talking to God.

The sense of peace I feel when I remember to talk to God is truly amazing. It is very easy to get caught up in all the steps to make it through the day that sometimes we forget the most important one. For me, it usually isn’t until I become so overwhelmed with the day’s “steps” that the prayers start to pour out. I only wish I could remember to talk to Him sooner. But that is the beauty of the relationship God has with us. It doesn’t matter how quickly or how long you wait to talk to him… He is always there to listen.

It only takes one step.